About Us

who we are

EN Analytics and Consulting Limited is a data analytics firm that provides a broad range of analytics solutions to business and organisations to help them make better data-driven decisions. It was incorporated in 2018 in Ghana, West Africa. Our goal is to help our clients operate their businesses more efficiently.

We help businesses and institutions organize and structure their data into useful information to assist in decision making. In doing so they can predict what is coming, improve their productivity, and automate their tasks. With a range of analytic tools at our disposal, you are assured of a comprehensive data solution for all your data needs.

Our services are concentrated in three main areas; Training, Consultancy and Public Policy. We provide training and consultancy in Advanced Excel, Power BI, Access, Google Analytics, R programming, as well as Eviews.

The team at EN Analytics come from professionally diverse background. The team is a careful blend of experienced professionals to ensure that the best solutions are delivered to our clients. We are made up of actuarial analysts, statisticians, risk analysts, database management experts, and data scientists.

Our Vision

To be the trusted name in analytics in Africa

Our Mission

To become the leading institution known for providing analytics solutions and insights for businesses, organisations and governments in West African sub-region.

Core Values

  •  Service
  •  Technology and Innovation
  •  Reliability
  •  Trust

Public Policy

As part of our efforts to bring analytics to the doorsteps of every Ghanaian, we provide analysis and visualisations on publicly available data under our public policy mandate. Our Public Policy activities include polling, approval rating, macro-economic analysis and analysis of public data of national importance.