Advanced Excel

The baseline data analytical skill required at the workplace

Courses Offered

Data Analytics with Excel

Course Description

The Data Analytics with Excel course prepares you to work efficiently and to improve your accuracy and productivity. The goal is to give you the tools to work smarter and to make data more useful to your business. This course is designed for individuals and professionals who want to improve their analytical skills in Excel. It is a must for anyone who handles and analyses data in Excel.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction and overview of Data Analytics
  •  The most important skill in Excel: Cell Referencing
  •  Preparing data using Text functions
  •  Working with Date and Time functions
  •  Comparing performance using conditional formatting
  •  15+ data analysis and aggregation functions like Sumif(s), Countif(s), Averageif(s), Rank, Consolidate, Sumproduct, Min, Max,     Large, Transpose
  •  Learn how to use functions like Sort, Filter and advanced Filter in Excel
  •  Vlookup and Xlookup functions
  •  Ensure data integrity using Data Validation techniques.

Advanced Business Analytics with Excel

Course Description

This course is designed for professionals, individuals and managers, who must make data-driven decisions every day. The goal is to give you the tools to become smarter and more discerning in your approach to data. You will learn how to analyse business data and solve business problems.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction and overview of Business Analytics
  •  Cleaning and shaping data using Power Query
  •  Foundation for building models for decision making in Excel
  •  Using descriptive statistics to get quick insight into your data
  •  Making business decisions based on the normal distribution
  •  Comparing performance
  •  Data analysis using Pivot Tables
  •  Forecasting time series data in Excel
  •  Computing moving averages and when to use them
  •  Measuring forecast accuracy
  •  Correlation and its interpretation in Excel
  •  Decision making using regression
  •  Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  •  Optimizing business operations using Solver

Advanced Functions and Formulas in Excel

Course Description

Your ability to use the advanced functions are critical for optimizing data analysis in Excel. With a command of these functions, you will enjoy working with Excel. You will be able to improve your productivity and analyse data effectively and build complex models in Excel. This course is for professionals who want to improve on their modelling skills and capabilities. It is for data analysts who want to effectively analyse data and improve the level of their efficiency in the use of Excel.

What you will learn:

  •  Looking up information with VLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, and CHOOSE functions
  •  Referencing data using the OFFSET and INDIRECT functions
  •  Using absolute and relative referencing
  •  Logical functions AND, OR, NOT
  •  IF, nested IF, and IFS statements
  •  Analysing data with Data Summary functions
  •  Using the powerful AGGREGATE function to bypass errors
  •  Analysing data with statistical functions
  •  Analysing data with array formulas and functions

Data Visualization, Excel Charts and Graphs

Course Description

Excel offers a large number of charts and graphing tools that complement its data analysis toolset. This course offers a laser-focused, practical guide to over 15+ useful Excel charts and graphs for data visualization. You will be introduced to the capabilities of the Excel charting ecosystem. In addition to learning how to select the right chart depending on your data, you will also learn how to tell a story with your data set. This course is suitable for anyone who handles data and produces reports. It is for data analysts, financial analysts and managers who want to produce compelling custom reports and visualisations.

What you will learn:

  •  Data visualisation key principles and best practices
  •  Selecting the right chart type for your data
  •  Creating and customizing charts
  •  Creating and applying templates
  •  Mastering over 15+ chart types in Excel
  •  Formatting your charts
  •  Designing custom visualisations
  •  Automating your charts using Excel Tables
  •  Building dynamic dashboards using Pivot Charts

Pivot tables and Dashboard Reporting

Course Description

PivotTable is the main data analysis tool in Excel. It enables efficient data analysis and allows you to automate calculations and avoid human errors. PivotTables allow you to organize, analyse, and visualize your data in a relatively short time. This course will help you build business intelligence dashboards and generate insights from your data for your organisation. If you are analysing data in Excel and you are not using PivotTables, you are making your life 100 times harder. This course is for anyone who deals with data. It is for professionals who generate reports for their organisations or management. It is for individuals who want to generate insights and underlying trends from their data.

What you will learn:

  •  Structuring your data source
  •  Learn how to shape your data for Pivot Tables using the Power Query editor
  •  Navigating the field list
  •  Perform calculations and analysis in Pivot Tables using Calculated Field, Calculated Item, and Show Value Fields As
  •  Sorting, Filtering and Grouping
  •  Formatting Pivot Tables
  •  Managing your Pivot Tables
  •  Learn how to use Slicers and Timelines to dissect your reports
  •  Creating business intelligence dashboards using Pivot Charts

HR Analytics: Using Excel for Human Resource Management

Course Description

This course addresses the topic of HR analytics with a practical approach, focusing especially on recruiting, hiring, compensating, training and managing performance, from both analytical and visualisation point of view. You will learn how to create and automate HR metrics and devise HR analytics techniques in your workplace. You will learn how to build HR dashboards and understand all the charts that are useful for visualising HR data. At the end of the course, you will be able to use tools like pivot tables, filtering and sorting options in Excel to summarize and derive information out of the available HR data.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction and overview of HR Analytics
  •  Absolute and relative cell referencing
  •  Data types in Excel and formatting
  •  Date functions for HR professionals
  •  Text functions for HR professionals
  •  Setting up an HR database in Excel
  •  Measuring performance using conditional formatting
  •  Essential Excel functions and formulas for calculating HR metrics
  •  Analysing questionnaire outcomes in Excel
  •  Sorting and filtering data
  •  Employing data validation rules to reduce errors
  •  The Vlookup function and IF statements
  •  7+ essential Excel charts for visualising HR data
  •  Data summarisation using Pivot Tables and Excel Tables
  •  Creating a dynamic HR dashboard
  •  Auditing, documenting and protecting workbooks

Making Financial and Investment Decisions with Excel

Course Description

This course is designed to help you make informed business and financial decisions. It introduces you to all the financial functions in Excel and helps you build models for making important financial decisions. You will learn how to use functions such as NPV, XNPV, FVSCHEDULE for financial analysis. It is designed for business and financial analysts and professionals who want to become proficient in financial analysis.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction to financial analysis
  •  Absolute and relative cell referencing
  •  The concept of time value of money
  •  Understanding the impact of inflation on investments
  •  Interest rates
  •  13+ finance and investment functions in Excel
  •  Discounted Cashflow(DCF) analysis
  •  Making savings and retirements decisions using Excel
  •  The power of compound interest
  •  Building a loan amortization and investment models
  •  Scenario and sensitivity analysis

Financial Modelling and Analysis in Excel

Course Description

This hands on course is specifically designed for individuals who make financial decisions. The overall aim of this course is to help you build financial models that fits your business structure. You will be able to test different scenarios and generate charts to better understand your models. It is a perfect course for financial and investment analysts and for those working with budgets on a regular basis.

What you will learn:

  •  Financial modelling basics
  •  Excel foundations for a robust financial model
  •  Foundations of model development
  •  Discounted Cashflow Models
  •  Financial Statement models
  •  Forecasting models
  •  Capital budgeting models
  •  Sensitivity and scenario analysis in modelling
  •  Adding visualisations to your models
  •  Best practices in developing and building financial models

Power Query

Course Description

Power Query is the most powerful tool for cleaning, transforming and re-shaping data in Excel. Its power lies in its ability to help you automate your tasks without the need for Excel VBA. It allows the user to import data from different sources with ease. Now it is possible to process millions of rows of data in Excel enabling deeper business insight and shorter decision making cycles. Excel experts believe that Power Query is the best thing to have happened to Excel in the last 25 years. This course is for advance users of Excel, data and business analysts, data scientists, financial analysts and other professionals who work with external data, large data sets, multiple data sets, and who want to clean and shape data, and to automate time-consuming Excel tasks without using Excel VBA coding.

What you will learn:

  •  Getting started with Power Query
  •  The Query Editor environment
  •  Import data from various sources
  •  Perform basic data transformations such as merging and splitting columns
  •  Marge and append queries
  •  Pivot and unpivot data with Power Query
  •  Perform advance data transformation such as Group By with Power Query
  •  IF statements in Power Query
  •  Loading your data into Data Model or Excel
  •  Editing and modifying an existing workbook query
  •  Power Query best practices

Power Pivot and DAX

Course Description

Power Pivot is Pivot Tables on steroids. It provides the real power to crunch & analyse data on a scale previously unimaginable with pivot tables. Now it is possible to process millions of rows of data in Excel enabling deeper business insight and shorter decision making cycles. This course is for advance users of Excel who are already familiar with Excel Tables, Pivot Tables, and Power Query. It is for professionals who analyse millions of rows of data and who want to go beyond the limitations of traditional Excel.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction to Power Pivot
  •  Importing data into the Power Pivot
  •  Cleaning and shaping your data in Power Pivot
  •  The Data Model interface
  •  Data View versus Diagram View
  •  Creating relationships between data tables
  •  Data Tables versus Lookup Tables
  •  Data formatting and layout in Power Pivot
  •  Introduction to Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) in Power Pivot
  •  Creating calculated columns and measures
  •  Creating Pivot Tables, charts and reports in Power Pivot
  •  Overview of Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) in Power Pivot

Forecasting and Time Series Analysis Using Excel

Course Description

This course lets you understand how to build forecast models in Excel using different methods. You will learn how to use all the forecast functions in Excel as well as choose the right method for your forecasts. You will be able to calculate forecast errors to update your forecast model in order to ensure more accuracy. You will learn how to use the Data Analysis ToolPak and Solver to analyse data as well as optimize your forecasts. This course is for data analysts, financial analysts, and researchers who make numerical predictions. It is for professionals who make revenue projections and want to have confidence in their forecasts. Finally, it is for anyone who wants to expand his/her knowledge in forecasting techniques.

What you will learn:

  •  Understanding basic forecasting terminologies
  •  Choosing the right trendline for your forecast
  •  Forecasting using linear regression
  •  Measuring forecast accuracy
  •  Modelling exponential growth
  •  Exponential smoothing and moving averages
  •  Forecasting seasonal data
  •  Multiple Linear Regression (MLR)
  •  Forecasting best practices

Business Statistics

Course Description

This course shows business analysts, managers, and executives how to assess their organization's data effectively by applying statistical analysis techniques. The course covers important statistical terms and definitions, and then dives into techniques using the tools in Excel: formulas and functions for calculating averages and standard deviations, charts and graphs for summarizing data, and the Analysis ToolPak add-in for even greater insights into data.

What you will learn:

  •  Introduction to Business Statistics
  •  Understanding basic statistical terms
  •  Installing the Analysis Toolpak
  •  Summarizing data using Excel Tables
  •  Creating frequency distribution for qualitative data
  •  Using scatter plots, histogram, Pareto charts etc to analyse data
  •  Summarizing data using Pivot Tables
  •  Calculating the mean, median, mode and other numerical measures
  •  Moving averages and Exponential Smoothing
  •  Calculating percentiles and quartiles
  •  Calculation variance and standard deviation
  •  Summarizing data using descriptive statistics
  •  Summarizing data using the Standard Normal Distribution (z-scores)
  •  Linear correlation and covariance analysis
  •  Generating random numbers
  •  Introduction to basic probability
  •  Developing a linear regression model
  •  Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) tests

Some of our cherished Clients

What our clients say about us

Solomon Sakyi Aboagye

Deputy Head, Reinsurance & Statistics

I attended the Pivot Tables and Dashboard Reporting course by EN Analytics and was more than impressed with the quality of the training. The training was very practical and hands-on and was beneficial to me because of the type of work I do. The lead facilitator was proficient, knowledgeable and engaging. I will recommend EN Analytics to any organisation that intends to train its staff in advanced Excel, Power BI and data analysis

Star Assurance

Enoch Akuffu-Djobi

Operations Manager and PHD Candidate

The training on Forecasting and Time Series Analysis was well delivered. In addition to the theoretical concepts, I was equipped with practical skills needed to professionally analyse time series data with ease. I highly recommend EN Analytics to any organisation

Ecobank Plc

Ezekiel Kafui Kunkpe

Programs Manager

We have been working and partnering with EN Analytics for sometime now. They provide training in advanced Excel and Power BI for some of our clients in the oil sector. They are the best in the country when it comes to Excel training. I recommend them to any organisation seeking to upgrade the Excel and Power BI skills of their staff

Oilfield Traning Center (OTC)

Michael Arhin

Finance Manager

Since engaging EN Analytics to train our staff, our team works efficiently and effectively. They have helped us develop accounting and reporting models and this has improved our work enormously. If you really want to use Excel and Power BI to optimise your business operations, then contact EN Analytics. They provide world class training at a competitive price

Kaltire Ghana Limited

Daniel Odom

Finance Manager

Our training experience with EN Analytics has been revolutionary and an experience every staff at Amaja Oilfield looks forward to every year. My team and I have been transformed from basic to intermediate Excel users to experts users. I recommend EN Analytics as your ideal trainer. Their teaching methods are simple and makes it easy to grasps even the most complex competency.

Amaja Oilfield Ghana Limited

Akpene Sunu

Operations Director

We contracted EN Analytics and Consulting Limited to train our staff in Data Analytics and they exceeded our expectations. The training was in-depth, hands-on and very applicable to the work we do. I strongly recommend them to other businesses.

GRO Alliance Ghana Limited

Dzifa Ama Fie

Data Analyst/Statistitian

Very practical and hands-on training sessions with EN Analytics. Our training on Power Query and Pivot Tables was in-depth and beneficial. I recommend EN Analytics for staff training, business professionals and business owners as well.

Statistics and Revenue Forecasting Unit, GRA

Go beyond the basics and master data analysis with Excel. Learn how to clean and manipulate raw data, aggregate and filter to get at the exact information you need, model real world scenarios, and create visually appealing reports and dashboards.