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advanced excel

We offer unparalleled advanced Excel training and customized analytics for institutions willing to leverage on their data. Our Excel courses are tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients. No matter how large or small a role Excel plays in your day-to- day operations, our training will accelerate your use of this powerful business tool. We have the ability to make your business more profitable and more competitive. With our tailored Excel training, your employees will work both smarter and harder, and you will understand your business operations more clearly.

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power bi

For businesses that want more reporting power and analytical muscle than offered by Microsoft Excel, Power BI is the next level in business intelligence. It reaches far beyond Excel. With Power BI, you can assemble, scrutinize, and visualize data from across your company, giving you greater insight into operations and performance, and allowing you to make more informed decisions based on real data. Our team of Power BI experts will help you gain hands-on experience creating reports, visualizations, and dashboards with Power BI.

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microsoft access

Learn the basics, such as how to create a database, navigate the Access application environment or organize data stored within Access tables. Or, graduate to more advanced skills like form customization, querying and sharing data across applications. Take control of your data with Microsoft Access relational database software training at EN Analytics. Whether you’re new to Access or an advanced user, our Microsoft Access training can accelerate your database management skills. Contact us for details.

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advanced analytics

In a complex world of uncertainties, our advanced analytics solutions give you the edge in complex decision making. We help you apply the latest analytic techniques and tools to generate insights that yield better, faster decisions. Our Advanced Analytics team can help you transform your data into a perpetual source of value. Our services range from stochastic modelling and forecasting, Monte-Carlo simulations, cluster analysis, segmentation, survival modelling, risk management, predictive analytics and advanced statistical modelling.

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google analytics

Take real-time collaboration to the next level using google sheets. Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based spreadsheet that allows you to organize, analyze, and share your most important data. With Google Sheets, your data and reports are permanently stored in the cloud, and you can collaborate with remote teams. Take your reports to the next level using the features in Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio (in beta) gives you everything you need to turn your analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization.

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r programming

Learn how to analyze and extract insights from data using one of the most popular tools for statistical analysis today. Gain hands-on experience programming with R. Learn data structures, visualisations and statistical analysis using this powerful open-source programming language. For the beginner, learning R could be daunting and frustrating if you do not have a strong foundation. Our courses are focused on giving you that foundation so you could shorten the learning curve. Learn the basics of R Syntax and jumpstart your career into data science in no time.

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analytics and advice

It is all about insights, analytics and customer-centered solutions you can trust

Turn your data into actionable information

We help businesses and institutions organize and structure their data into useful information to assist in decision making. We apply the latest analytics techniques and tools to help you generate insights that yield better, and faster decisions.

With a range of analytic tools at our disposal, you are assured of a comprehensive data solutions for all your needs.

Amassing mountains of data isn’t of much use unless you are able to make sense of it.

Some of our cherished Clients

What our clients say about us

Solomon Sakyi Aboagye

Deputy Head, Reinsurance & Statistics

I attended the Pivot Tables and Dashboard Reporting course by EN Analytics and was more than impressed with the quality of the training. The training was very practical and hands-on and was beneficial to me because of the type of work I do. The lead facilitator was proficient, knowledgeable and engaging. I will recommend EN Analytics to any organisation that intends to train its staff in advanced Excel, Power BI and data analysis

Star Assurance

Enoch Akuffu-Djobi

Operations Manager and PHD Candidate

The training on Forecasting and Time Series Analysis was well delivered. In addition to the theoretical concepts, I was equipped with practical skills needed to professionally analyse time series data with ease. I highly recommend EN Analytics to any organisation

Ecobank Plc

Ezekiel Kafui Kunkpe

Programs Manager

We have been working and partnering with EN Analytics for sometime now. They provide training in advanced Excel and Power BI for some of our clients in the oil sector. They are the best in the country when it comes to Excel training. I recommend them to any organisation seeking to upgrade the Excel and Power BI skills of their staff

Oilfield Traning Center (OTC)

Michael Arhin

Finance Manager

Since engaging EN Analytics to train our staff, our team works efficiently and effectively. They have helped us develop accounting and reporting models and this has improved our work enormously. If you really want to use Excel and Power BI to optimise your business operations, then contact EN Analytics. They provide world class training at a competitive price

Kaltire Ghana Limited

Daniel Odom

Finance Manager

Our training experience with EN Analytics has been revolutionary and an experience every staff at Amaja Oilfield looks forward to every year. My team and I have been transformed from basic to intermediate Excel users to experts users. I recommend EN Analytics as your ideal trainer. Their teaching methods are simple and makes it easy to grasps even the most complex competency.

Amaja Oilfield Ghana Limited

Akpene Sunu

Operations Director

We contracted EN Analytics and Consulting Limited to train our staff in Data Analytics and they exceeded our expectations. The training was in-depth, hands-on and very applicable to the work we do. I strongly recommend them to other businesses.

GRO Alliance Ghana Limited

Dzifa Ama Fie

Data Analyst/Statistitian

Very practical and hands-on training sessions with EN Analytics. Our training on Power Query and Pivot Tables was in-depth and beneficial. I recommend EN Analytics for staff training, business professionals and business owners as well.

Statistics and Revenue Forecasting Unit, GRA