Google Analytics

Google Sheets- real-time collaboration

Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based spreadsheet that allows you to organize, analyze, and share your most important data. With Google Sheets, your data and reports are permanently stored in the cloud, and you can collaborate with remote teams.

Have you always envisaged having different members of your project team work on the same spreadsheet at the same time from different locations across the globe? That is the power of Google Sheets. And it is free.

Google Analytics

  •  The leading digital tool for decision making
  •  Get to know your customers
  •  Understand your site and app users
  •  Track website traffic
  •  Track number of visits, duration, sources of traffic, and pages visited
  •  Access to predetermined and customizable reports

Google Data Studio

Take your reports to the next level using the features in Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio (in beta) gives you everything you need to turn your analytics data into informational, easy-to-understand reports through data visualization.

In our Google Data Studio training courses, you will learn how to connect your data, create impactful reports, and collaborate with teammates. You will gain the knowledge and tools you need to design compelling reports to share with different stakeholders.

Google Sheets Course Overview

  •  Getting started with Sheets
  •  Working with data in Google Sheets
  •  Formulas in Google Sheets
  •  Getting external data into Google Sheets
  •  Formatting in Google Sheets
  •  Charting techniques in Google Sheets
  •  Dashboards in Google Sheets
  •  Data Analysis
  •  Pivot Tables
  •  Automation
  •  Sharing and publishing your Sheets

Data Studio Course Overview

  •  Introduction to Data Studio
  •  Navigating Data Studio
  •  Connecting Data Sources
  •  Creating reports in data Studio
  •  Customising reports in data Studio
  •  Dashboards
  •  Formatting reports in Data Studio
  •  Calculated fields
  •  Sharing reports and dashboards